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Develop environment of ATtiny10/13 under the Arduino IDE

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I built a development environment of ATtiny10 and ATtiny13 under  Arduino IDE 1.6.x  1.8.x

  1. @maris_HY is distributing ATtiny10/13 definition file for Arduino IDE 1.0.x . It’s called bitDuino.
  2. I rebuilt these bitDuino files for Arduino IDE 1.6.x 1.8.x .
  3. And I built AVR developer tools of generating a code of ATtiny10.


Windows-7, Mac  OS X Ei Captan, Arduino IDE 1.6.13, AVRISP mkII

How to build

as follows, install the bitDuino files, and replace the AVR developer tools.

  1. Download bitDuino files
    1. for Arduino IDE 1.6.x 1.8.x
  2. Download AVR developer tools
    1. for Windows
    2. for Mac
  3. Install bitDuino
    1. Extract
      bitDuino_2017 folder appears. bitDuino_2017 include bitDuino10 and bitDuino13.
    2. Open hardware folder (or make hardware folder, and open it)  under  your Arduino Sketch folder.
    3. Move bitDuino10 and bitDuino13 under the bitDuino_2017  to hardware folder.
  4. 【Windows】replace the AVR developer tools
    1. Extract
      avr folder appears.
    2. Open c:\”program Files”\arduino\hardware\tools
    3. There is an avr folder. Change the name avr to avr-org.
    4. Move extracted new avr to same place of  avr-org
  5. 【Mac】replace the AVR developer tools
    1. Extract in ~/Downloads folder..
      avr folder appears.
    2. start Terminal
    3. Key in commands on your terminal window as follows .
      $sudo mkdir /usr/local/Arduino
      $sudo mv ~/Downloads/avr  /usr/local/Arduino/
      $cd /Applications/
      $mv avr avr-org
      $ln -s /usr/local/Arduino/avr/ ./
    4. if you installed Crosspack-AVR then you must uninstall it by command as follows.
       $sudo /usr/local/CrossPack-AVR/uninstall

How to use

  1. How to select ATtiny10, ATtiny13
    1. Open the Boardlist. “Tools”–> “Board: >”
    2. You can see ATtiny10(bitDuino10) and  ATtiny13(bitDuino13) at bottom of list.
    3. Select ATtiny10(bitDuino) or ATtiny13(bitDuino13)
    4. and select clock freq. “Tools” –> “Clock:”
  2. Select Programmer
    Open “Tools” –> “Programmer: >”, and select programmer.
  3. Wiring
    see follows Fig.
  4. ATtiny13 can running 9.6MHz internal clock.
    1. Virgin chip of ATtiny13 running 1.2MHz internal clock.
    2. you can change clock freq. 1.2MHz to 9.6MHz
      1. Do “Tools” –> “Clock:”  Select 9.6MH(Internal)
      2. Do  “Tools” –> “Burn Bootloader”
        ATtiny13 fuse bit is changed  for 9.6MHz internal clock by this operation.

2016.12.19 16:40 update bitDuino  Thanks @maris_HY
2016.12.19 15:42 upload

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