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One Chip Arduino (English)

  • The circuit of LilyPad arduino is mounted on the DIP of ATmega168,328
  • There are Reset-SW,Skech loading pin-header and LED of D13.
  • Using internal clock 8MHz.
  • Doesn’t put ICSP pin-header because there is no space.
  • Writing the sketch uses an USB-Serial converter.

Demo Movie

LCD Digital Clock

It used “One Chip Arduino”, LCD and RTC. A breadboard can still afford.

Arduino on Arduino

I made DIP a flat by force to hold down height. And added the pin-header of ICSP.

It’s form such as a weird bug. The downside is more weird. When it was connected by ICSP cable , and it hung down, it seems to be “that Bug” of  The MATRIX movie.


One-chip Arduino ver. 2.0
  • One-chip Arduino ver. 2.0 made a circuit on a small board and were equipped on a DIP.This idea to make a circuit on a small proto board was copied from thinduino of Mr.tokoya of “Junk Inn”.
  • The characteristic of Ver. 2.0 is connected directly with USB, and to be able to uploade sketches from Arduino IDE.The external USB-Serial converter does not have need. It realize USB interface by the software.
  • This project is using modified schematic of the Metaboard. The Metaboard developed by METALAB. And it is using USBaspLoader firmware.

  • Doesn’t put ICSP pin-header because there is no space.

Makezine Blog (January 16, 2009)

One-chip Arduino

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